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Hose feed unit: Hydraulic Feeder


Aqua Drill International (ADI). ADI offers world wide the most advanced water-jet cleaning technology, called Aqua Milling® available today. This technology and procedures are exclusively used by ADI companies and are not available to other water jetting companies. ADI has the expertise and global operational experience to perform the most demanding maintenance cleaning work for pipes, vessels, reactors, heat exchangers and tanks. For pre-commissioning, this technology substantially shortens the start-up timeframe on your next turn around or new construction project. We are therefore confident that our services will be of great value for your valued company.


The ADI team is a multinational group of highly qualified, dedicated people, committed to quality and customer satisfaction.


The Aqua Milling®, process allows the removal of mill scale and foreign materials before having the mechanical and electrical equipment ready for operation. Aqua Milling®, combined with a Final Target Steam Blow for cleanliness verifications has contributed to major improvements and time savings on over 130 pre-commissioning projects worldwide. The proven Aqua Milling® process achieves superior cleaning quality, and has reduced the duration of steam blow on certain projects from 35-45 days to 11 hours. Additionally, Aqua Milling® can commence independently of the construction progress. Plant construction can continue outside a safety zone of 6 meters without interference.

 Comparing the cost of Aqua Milling® vs. steam blow and chemical cleaning, reveals in significant savings on fuel usage, man power, electricity usage and temporary piping/instrumentation

 Aqua Milling® removes the hardest encrustations from pipes and vessels. Even bullet prove plastic can be removed without any damage to the pipe. The Aqua Milling® cleaning heads can navigate multiple changes in directions and can travel more than 100 meters from one entry point.


ADI’s aqua lancing technology allows us to clean the most sophisticated heat exchangers.

 We are also one of the few companies in the world that can achieve Iris level inspection cleanliness using only water.

 Our industry leading technology and proven implementation record has privileged us to serve the petro-chemical, power, pulp and paper industry as  well as major municipalities and all the major construction and engineering houses worldwide



Remote shut down safety device



400kW high pressure water pump



Typical pipe condition before Aqua Milling®



essure pump safety controls


Typical pipe condition after Aqua Milling®.